‘Hello Investor’ is initiative started by Ahmedabad based Mutual Fund Distributor Shalibhadra Master Investment Brokers LLP.

In current environment, Investment Awareness is very critical. Generally, investment is done without possible volatility in mind. However, an investor’s goal should pass through good and bad times.

‘Hello Investor’ is friendly portal on which one can seek information of existing Mutual Fund investment. Get yourself registered and ask any question regarding Mutual Funds. We will try our best to get it addressed by best possible way. But first go through FAQs because many questions are answered there.

Hello Investor is providing services in mainly two aspects.

This initiative requests investors to introspect about their Investments. For example, someone wants to know ‘How to Invest in Mutual Funds?’ but we rather ask them to answer ‘Why to Invest in Mutual Fund?’ Introspecting this solves the query.

In general terms, it is largely searched that ‘What are the best funds to Invest now?’ However, instead of searching for best mutual funds, top mutual funds or best performing funds, one must check capacity to handle risk.

In the process of communication on this website, we do inform investors on ways to invest in Mutual Funds whether online or offline, lumpsum or SIP etc. It is open platform for queries but decision is investor’s. We do not make decision on behalf of investors. Instead of making Mutual Fund recommendation, we touch upon basic behavioural parts of investment which are fundamental learnings.


“Hello Investor” (“We”) is independent awareness and literacy initiative. Hence Helloinvestor.com is NOT involved in Mutual Fund scheme distribution. All the information we provide is just for educational purposes and you should consult your financial adviser before taking any investment decision.

We provide information related to regular plan only.

Please note – All data and information provided on this site is strictly the author’s opinion and does not constitute any financial, legal or other type of advice. We do not make representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, or omissions, in this information or any losses or damages arising from its display or use.

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You can ask the various questions related to the mutual funds and get the best answers for the same on the website.

List of questions you can Ask:

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