Managing Investment
Apr 2019

Here is a WhatsApp forward message put in right perspective.

  • Car sales going down, Ola/Uber rising.
  • Restaurants are closing, food delivery increasing.
  • Demand is down but consumption is going up.
  • Cell phone bills going down & internet penetration going up.
  • Govt job creation decreasing & start up jobs are rising.

Coming to investments, investors need to realize that many dead stocks are being held in demat account.

Do you find any need of smart investing for your hard-earned money? Investors need to act, to review all asset class. Gold, Real Estate, Insurance policies, Fixed income instruments etc. Next action required is to transfer from passive investment style to active investment style.

Investor should be psychologically ready to give time to investment, to accept short term volatility and to ignore notional loss.

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Always Remember “Managing Behavior is more important than Managing Investment”.