The Domino Effect
May 2021

The Domino Effect

In November 2009, in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, A group called Weijers Domino Productions created a world record of domino fall by lining more than 45,00,000 dominos. In scientific context, small flick of first domino cumulatively released 94,000 joules of energy equivalent to 600 pushups made by an average sized man. Every single domino has potential energy stored. Flicking first domino triggers a chain reaction.

If placed rightly, a small domino has capacity to bringing down another domino that is actually 50% larger than it. The number may sound huge but if such 2 inch domino fall to be continued in linear progression than 17th domino can fall Leaning tower of Pisa, 22nd domino can fall Eiffel Tower, 31st domino can stand taller than Mount Everest and 57th domino would become bridge between Earth and Moon.

This will sound exaggeration to everyone but highly successful people know this. Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous. What starts out linear becomes geometric. You do one thing right and then you do next thing right. Success build on success and you move towards higher success.

Investor remain in extreme greed and fear in market volatility. It disturbs them a lot when other asset class make better returns. This is greed. Now they move to that asset class after seeing past performance and that asset class hits volatility. Now they are worried This is fear. Investment Success is sequential. Doing one thing right at a time to create wealth.

Why SIP has been successful investment process? Because your wealth is growing step by step. Wealth is created over good amount of time and not overnight. We believe that The key to success depends over time. Wealth is created sequentially.