Yes! Even for an investor with modest savings or small beginnings, Mutual Funds are an ideal investment vehicle.

Almost every investor, small or big, has a Savings Bank (SB) account, and anyone with that account can start investing through Mutual Funds. With amounts as low as Rs. 500 every month, Mutual Funds promote the healthy habit of regular investing.

Other benefits for a small investor in Mutual Funds are-

  • Ease of transacting- Investing, reviewing, managing and redeeming from a Mutual Fund scheme are all simple processes.
  • Easy liquidity, maximum transparency and disclosure, timely statements of accounts, and tax benefits are all that a small or first time investor looks out for.
  • A Mutual Fund gives the same investment performance, to an investor who has invested 500 or one who has invested Rs. 5 crores. Thus it has every investor’s interests in mind – small or big.
  • Professionally managed, diversified portfolio for someone who invests even ₹ 500 a month.
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