Once an investor has decided to invest in Mutual Funds, he has to make a decision of which scheme to invest in – Fixed Income, Equity or Balanced and which Asset Management Company (AMC) to invest with?

Firstly, discuss freely with your advisor what your objective is, what time period you are comfortable with, and what your risk appetite is.

Decisions on which fund to invest in would be made based on this information.

If you have a long term objective – say, retirement planning, and are willing to assume some risk, then an Equity or Balanced Fund would be ideal.

If you have a very short term objective – say, money to be kept aside for a couple of months; a Liquid Fund would be ideal.

If the idea is to generate regular income, then a Monthly Income Plan or an Income Fund would be recommended.

After deciding on the type of fund to invest in, a decision on the specific scheme from an AMC would have to be made. These decisions are usually made after ascertaining the AMC’s track record, suitability of scheme, portfolio details, etc.

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