Making a mistake while investing happens across all investments, and Mutual Funds are no different.

Some of the common mistakes while investing in Mutual Funds are:

  1. Investing without understanding the product: For example, equity funds are meant for the long term, but investors look for easy returns in the short term.
  2. Investing without knowing the risk factors: All Mutual Fund schemes have certain risk factors. Investors need to understand them before making an investment.
  3. Not investing the right amount:Sometimes people invest randomly, often without a goal or plan. In such cases, the amount invested may not yield the desired result.
  4. Redeeming too early: Investors sometimes lose patience or do not give the requisite time for an investment to provide the desired rate of return, and hence redeem prematurely.
  5. Joining the herd: Very often, investors do not exercise individual judgement and get carried away by the buzz in the ‘market’ or ‘media’, and thus make the wrong choice.
  6. Investing without a plan:This is perhaps the biggest mistake. Every single rupee invested needs to have a plan or goal.
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