Mutual Fund Related Questions

Mutual fund related questions, Investment related questions to ask

Here at Hello Investor, we are providing some list of key questions to you, as an Investor you should ask before making any investment in any of the mutual funds.

  • What is Mutual Fund?
  • What is Asset Management Company?
  • What is Net Asset Value (NAV) of a scheme?
  • How to Select Mutual Fund?
  • When should I start investing in Mutual Funds?
  • Do Mutual Funds invest only in stocks?
  • What is Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)?
  • What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)?
  • What are Small Cap Funds?
  • What are Multicap Funds?
  • What are Mid Cap Funds?
  • What are Large Cap Funds?
  • Are Mutual Funds an ideal investment for small investor?
  • Can Non resident Indians (NRIs) invest in Mutual Funds?
  • Do Any Mutual Funds invest both Stocks and Bonds?
  • Why choose mutual funds?
  • What is FATCA?
  • How Mutual Funds are regulated?
  • Why should you monitor / review your fund?
  • What is KYC?
  • What is Hybrid Fund?
  • What is Tax-Saving Fund?
  • What is Equity Fund / Growth Fund?
  • What is Debt Fund / Income Fund?
  • What is Liquid Fund / Money Market Fund?
  • What is Index Fund?

‘Hello Investor’ is a friendly portal on which one can seek information about of existing Mutual Fund investment. Get yourself registered and ask any question regarding Mutual Funds. We will try our best to get it addressed by the best possible way. But first go through the FAQs because many questions are answered there.

“Hello Investor” (“We”) is independent awareness and literacy initiative. Hence is NOT involved in Mutual Fund scheme distribution. All the information we provide is just for educational purposes and you should consult your financial adviser before taking any investment decision.