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Observer Effect

In Quantum Physics, there is a theory known as Observer Effect. If you view a cone from front it will look like a triangle but if you view the same cone from top you will find a circle. While the object does not move or change, we still experience a change. This observer effect is applicable in our lives as well.

If one looks from only one perspective, the outcome may arrive the same. For getting a better outcome, one needs to look at things from a different point of view.

The Coke Story

In April 1865, a doctor & surgeon named John Stith Pemberton fighting in American Civil War got chest wounds. To ease his pain, he started using Morphine. In next one year, he realized he got addicted to Morphine. To help himself, he began experimenting with pain killers. After multiple rounds of failure, he finally made a recipe from Cocaine leaves or COCA and Kola nut which contains Caffeine which eventually lead to the evolution of COCA Cola making it the biggest brand in the World.

This is exactly what it means in long term investment. We are being taught for Long Term investment but we in turn stick to that specific scheme for really long term forgetting that a scheme is temporary but investment is permanent. As an Investor, we have to detach our self from the said schemes and look for performance.

Hello Investor encourages to do Portfolio Review at regular period for long term investment and discourage sticking to a scheme for long term.