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A story on Trust

At a time, Tightrope Walking was widely famous and was practiced by many as adventure.

A similar tightrope walker started to walk on a rope tied between two tall towers at several hundred feet above the ground. He wanted a point to prove to the audience. He was slowly walking & balancing a long stick in his hands. The most dangerous thing was he had his son sitting on his shoulders.

Everyone down were watching him in bated breath and were tensed. He slowly reached the second tower. Everyone clapped, whistled and welcomed him. They shook hands and took selfies.

He asked the crowd, “Do you all think I can walk back on the same rope now from this side to that side?”

Crowd shouted, “Yes, yes, you can.”

“Do you trust me?”, He asked. They said, “Yes, yes we are ready to bet on you.”

He said, “Okay, can anyone of you sit on my shoulder? I will take you to the other side safely.”

Everyone became quite. There was stunned silence.

Moral: Belief is different & Trust is different.

For Trust you need total surrender. This is what we are lacking towards God in today’s world.
We believe in God. But we don’t trust Him.

In Investment, we never want to give away previous time for wealth to create similarly what that tightrope walker gave in practice for perfection. In fact, we bet on other’s success to make it ours. We make ourselves betting community.

Instead of betting here and there, we have to trust on ourselves and our Financial Advisor. That is the main reason why a robot can help you make a transaction but will not be able to understand the hardships you have put behind earning it. Choose your Advisor well.