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Does the world amaze you or offend you!

 Dear Patrons,

Does the world amaze you or offend you!

As per Mayan mythology in Mexico, there are two trees that looks strikingly identical. One is called “Chechém”, and the other is “Chaka”. One is poisonous and the other is its antidote. They both grow together. It is like made of each other. If we dig in and read up about those trees, there is a beautiful folklore, explaining why Chechém and Chaka grow close to one another. It comes from an oral tradition handed down through history in Yucatec Maya.

Once upon a time, there were two ancient brothers, Kinch and Tizic, young Mayan lords who fell tragically in love with the same beautiful woman, Nicté-Ha. The brothers were polar opposites; one calm and thoughtful, the other reckless and evil. They fought a furious battle driven by passionate jealousy, and, in the end, died in each other’s arms, neither attaining the love they so endlessly sought. Their final request to the gods was to see their beloved Nicté-Ha again, so the brothers were reincarnated as Chechem and Chaka- trees that share one flower.

Mythology aside, scientifically, both trees produce and share same flowers and fruit. These trees also end up sharing them with various birds that typically eat from them. The seeds are then deposited in the same place and often take root less than a meter apart.

In investment portfolio also there are some Chechém investment and there are some Chaka investments. Some are making losses for years but we hold on to them considering they will achieve their value someday while some investments make good profit and we tend to withdraw them considering exit time from them has come. This stands true for most of investment scenarios too. Our ‘Chaka’ is close by, waiting to catch our attention.

Investment journey is an amazing journey with full of ups and downs. Investors will make best out of it if they don’t offend with situational worries. Make maximum ‘Chaka’ out of ‘Chechém’ in your investment portfolio.

Nishit Siddharth Shah