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Get on the edge. Because The News is,

Get on the edge. News is,

Earthquake in Sumatra, Plane crash in Russia, Attack in Afghanistan, Resignation of some country’s president, New world record in long jump…

Wait… Do you really need to know all these things?

We are incredibly well informed about what is happening around us. Yet we know incredibly little of what actually we should know. Why?  Because two centuries ago, we inverted toxic from of knowledge called ‘NEWS’.

News is to the mind what sugar is to the body:  appetizing, easy to digest – and highly destructive in the long run.

First our brains react disproportionately to different types of information. Scandalous, shocking, loud all simulate us. Where as abstract, complex and unprocessed information sedates us.

As a result of news consumption, we walk around with distorted blanket of risks and threats we actually do not face. Second, news is irrelevant. In the past so many months, you have probably consumed more than 10,000 news notifications. Name one of them that helped you make a better decision. If news really helped people advance, journalists would be the top of the income pyramid.

As an investor, sticking to business news channels about current affairs is immense loss of productivity. It creates more noise than decisiveness. Isn’t it apparently clear by their language that those mediums are trying to sell something and we have to be careful of it.

Instead, read long articles and books. Nothing beats books for understanding the world. We promote decisiveness and avoids noise at all time. Investors who are able to keep peace with mind and heart are the winners.