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Why human beings like Conspiracy Theories?

Our love to Conspiracy Theories

Our brain is wired for analytics. Brain makes simple problem complex and tends to start believing complex solutions only.

Same goes with negative news making rounds in various media citing economic slowdown, low growth rate, war mongering, international disputes etc. Brain accepts all these complex analogy which give negative signs.

However, let me put some very positives news of last week:

  1. IRCTC IPO subscribed 112 times against the IPO size of Rs.645 crores. It is highest collection for the PSU.
  2. Bharat 22 ETF received the bid of Rs.23,500 crores against the basic size of Rs.2000 crores. It is listed on the stock exchanges then also received the 10 times bid of the size.
  3. CDSL has opened the highest number of Demat accounts in the month of September in the current financial year.
  4. Movie ‘WAR’ starring Hritik Roshan collected more than Rs.100 crores in the first 3 days.
  5. Amazon and Flipkart reported more than Rs.19,000 crore good sold in recent sale.
  6. XIAOMI brand of cell phones reported that they have sold 38 lakhs smartphones in just 7 days.
  7. Mercedes delivers over 200 Mercs on a single Dusshera Day! It has outperformed own expectations.

What went past is available with everyone to tell but what comes in future is in no one’s mind to expect.

Focus on future earnings instead of gossiping about the past.