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Your Problem or You’re Problem?

Dear Patrons

Human mind is encyclopaedia of problems. Like, eat chips or not, put AC on 26 C or 27 C, where to go for holidays, from fitness to relationships, from jobs to hobbies, from personal to professional issues, the struggles of modern life are never-ending. The best way to find resolution is to acknowledge its effect on our psyche and course-correct to a desired routine.

As the story goes, A solo traveller and physiology professor once visited monastery in Sikkim. He has been posed with lot of question about individual problems in his professional life.

He met a very elderly and senior monk and sat across him and presented worldly question on problems. How should one get rid of repeated problems and issues in life? The monk thought for a moment and replied, ‘Well, you must to be like the sun. On some days you go sunbathing, stretch out and soak in all the sunshine in the world. And on others, you put on your shades, roll down your windows, draw your curtains and curse the all for the hot sun. In the end, the sun doesn’t change because of how you behave. It shows up every day just like it used to. Try to be like the sun.’

Same goes for a risk averse investor. There is a simple question to them before investment,

‘Are you taking the risk or someone else making you take the risk?’

When market goes up, No Problem. When market goes down, lot of problem. Some investors are not inherently risk takers and adverse market makes problem to them. Generally to solve this problem they start following someone who takes much more risk than what they actually can take. But is it is not a solution, it is just a herd following.

Identifying own risk taking capacity and investing accordingly is the right course correction. A wise investor makes sure that his problem are not just postponed but duly addressed by course correcting the process of their risk capacity.