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Procrastination is idiotic.

Dear Patrons,

Procrastination is idiotic.

Psychologist Roy Baumeister did a clever psychology experiment on his students. He has put a group of students in front of an oven in which delicious pizzas were baking. Delicious scent cheese blew around the room. Students expected that they will get to eat those pizzas. However, Roy then placed a bowl filled with mashed potatoes and told students that they could eat as much of these as they want, but they cannot eat the pizzas.

Students in a second group were allowed to eat as many pizzas as they wanted.

He then left the students alone in the room for thirty minutes.

Afterward, both groups had been invited to solve a tough math problems. The students who were forbidden to eat pizzas gave up on the maths problem twice as fast as compared to those who were allowed to eat freely on pizzas.

The period of self-control had drained their mental energy which they now needed to solve the problem.

Same way the more you procrastinate about a task, the more energy you are actually wasting in it because no project completes itself.

Many tax payers delay / procrastinate investing in tax saving instruments of 80C till the last possible day of March of any financial year. It actually bears no fruits as the efforts and stress one gives on last moment could have been easily saved by just investing the same amount in the beginning of the year. For any investment, simplicity is more important than complexity.