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It is all seasonal.

Dear Patrons,

It is all seasonal.

We like a bit of winter freeze but not Bone-chilling winter cold. We like a moody monsoon but not thunderstorms. We like sunshine with passing clouds but not red hot summer. If you the year of nature, it is all seasonal. Everything comes and goes as per their cycle. Time moves on in phases.

If your life was a cycle of seasons, which season are you in now?

Make a note of the ‘now’ in the question. Like all things true, seasons too are transient. If you are stuck in the rain, look for an umbrella. If it’s bright you and sunny, go out and get some Vitamin D. Some friends live between multiple seasons in a single day. Their morning starts with a sunshine and end with a hot summer.

If the same seasonal change question to be asked to Investors, do investors observe seasons in their portfolio as well? Sometimes it goes down and sometimes it goes up, and that is not all. As a human being, we enjoy monsoons and stay indoors in scorching heat. Similarly, investors should learn to enjoy but be cautious while market is delivering great returns but stay calm when market is not delivering returns.

Dealing with loss and profit is exactly same as enjoying each and every weather situation. Start going in open for long in summer, it will make you ill. So if investors start doing other way around during market seasons also, they will start making losses.

Nishit Siddharth Shah